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Compensation & benefits

Employee happiness is important to us. On top of the primary conditions we have a comprehensive package of benefits that help you achieve a good work-life balance. On this page we will explain more about it.


Salary expectations are an open dialogue in the application process. We offer a monthly gross salary* that is aligned with your experience. In addition to the base salary, we provide an extensive package of secondary conditions, which are listed in the job posting and further detailed on this page.  *We annually evaluate the primary conditions using internal and external benchmark data.

Home office, internet and travel allowance

IFS Ultimo gives you the freedom to decide where you want to work. You are always welcome to work in one of our offices, but you can also choose to mostly work from home. IFS Ultimo strives to offer equal reimbursement to support remote work. We have a fixed home office allowance, an internet allowance and of course travel allowance.


In roles where mobility is a crucial aspect, such as in senior positions, consultancy and sales, having access to our mobility policy is common practice. Our emphasis is on flexibility and aligning with individual preferences and sustainability goals. With an above-market-standard mobility budget, we offer the freedom to make choices that suit your circumstances and personal preferences

Personal bonus plan

At IFS Ultimo, we believe in involving all our employees in our collective success. That's why we've set up a personal bonus plan for everyone. This plan stimulates to realise the personal, team and organisational objectives and contribute to the collective success of IFS Ultimo.

Pension plan

We support you in your work life, and we also prioritize your retirement. That's why we offer a pension plan and guidance tailored to each country.

Professional development

At IFS Ultimo, we are dedicated to supporting you in your career aspirations. We encourage professional development and are committed to helping you achieve your career ambitions, develop your skills, and attain your goals. Through our performance and talent management system, you will have access to thousands of online courses. You can shape your own learning journey with the help of various tools, enabling you to map out your career. With personal coaching and guidance in our warm and welcoming culture, we empower you to thrive at your best.

Corporate social responsibility

We are aiming for the best balance of economic, social and environmental value. We want to involve our employees in this as much as possible. For example:

  • Our employees have one paid day off per year to dedicate to volunteering activities.

  • We let our employees decide each year which charities to donate money to.

  • We are founding partner of WoodYouCare and planted over 3000 trees in the IFS Ultimo forest. Read more about it in this blog.

  • We try to minimise our carbon footprint. By promoting hybrid working, travelling less, striving for energy efficiency with our collaboration with Microsoft Azure data centres (which have been carbon neutral for years), and by using energy-efficient office buildings (A label).

An international and diverse environment

We believe that diversity makes us stronger, more innovative and ultimately more competitive. At IFS Ultimo, you will work in a truly international environment, connecting with colleagues from different countries.

Employee Assistance Program

At IFS Ultimo we prioritize the well-being of our employees. We believe that taking care of our employees' mental health and well-being is essential to creating a positive and productive workplace culture. That's why we provide an Employee Assistance Program for all our colleagues and their family members. This program offers support with any work or personal issues, including short-term professional counselling and support in connecting with local recourses to help manage emotional, practical or physical needs.,f_auto,w_1920,c_limit/production/images/ApWm/FkWObBPvIxSY.jpeg

Supplementary insurances

IFS Ultimo has obtained several employee insurances in addition to the regional social safety nets, aiming to provide better compensation for loss of income in the event of disability, medical expenses, or accidents occurring during working hours. IFS Ultimo covers 100% of the premium.

Company culture

We are committed to providing a welcoming and safe international working environment. To achieve this, we uphold our core values and organize activities such as annual company events, team events, celebrations for work anniversaries, birthday gifts, and the availability of confidential advisors, a prevention officer, and IFS Ultimo Ambassadors.