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Our History

From a start-up maintenance management system to a scalable EAM SaaS-solution used by thousands of customers in more than 40 countries. Our journey from day one explained.

How it started

In 1988, the flexible, adaptable maintenance management system Ultimo was born.

The philosophy behind the product was that a standard but highly configurable system would lead to happy end-users and the opportunity to become successful in multiple industries. It didn't take long before the first customers were found, ranging from a chemical plant to a hospital. The first years of Ultimo were actual start-up years in which we regularly pulled all-nighters to deliver a proper software version to the customer the following day and weren't always sure we could pay everyone at the end of the month. But, because of an unshakeable belief in the product philosophy, we persevered.

Our reputation

Our reputation and the number of customers grew, primarily by word of mouth. The combination of developing a product based on daily practice and the involvement of our services by skilled implementation consultants, sales representatives, and support engineers strengthened the relationship between Ultimo and its customers. Year after year, we kept adding large numbers of customers, and with existing customers, the product often spread to other parts of the company. Because of the growing maturity of the product and the Ultimo organization, we were able to expand our reach in the market, which even led to more and more of the largest organizations, both at home and abroad, choosing Ultimo, like BP Castrol, Ravago, Recticel, Haribo, London Gatwick Airport, Argent Energies, and ECT Hutchison Ports...

"The philosophy behind the product was that a standard but highly configurable system would lead to happy end-users and the opportunity to become successful in multiple industries."

Unequal competition

Unequal competition with the world market leaders and ERP giants was often settled to Ultimo's advantage, with the deciding factors being Ultimo's usability, flexibility, Return on Investment, and personal approach.

During the past years, we have transformed our company into a more scalable go-to-market model with implementation partners and resellers, next to our direct model. At the same time, we switched to a full cloud strategy on the Microsoft Azure platform, including an improved product packaging & pricing model.

These feats were accomplished thanks to the resilience, adaptability, and entrepreneurship of the Ultimo employees.

Accelerated growth

Our renewed proposition has been adopted exceptionally well, and growth has accelerated even more. Right now, Ultimo is scalable from the public cloud worldwide. At the same time, keeping its signature flexibility and usability.

In the past decades, Ultimo has brought itself to a higher level again and again. With the development of our in-house talents, aimed recruits, and a loyal customer base, Ultimo is ready to lead in the highest league.

With a mature product and entrepreneurial spirit, thousands of customers in over 40 countries, and the best partnerships from the biggest names to the most innovative start-ups. And… with our human touch. Always focused on making asset owners more productive, safer, and happier.