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Commercial Operations Manager

  • London, England, United Kingdom

Job description

The Commercial Operations Manager drives sustained revenue growth and enhances operational efficiency. Central to this position is strategic planning guided by data insights. The manager collects, analyses, and interprets data from various sources to provide actionable insights, forecast trends, and make data-driven decisions that align with Ultimo’s revenue goals, including presenting learnings to Sales Leaders. Collaborating closely with the Sales Operations team, which focuses on Sales Enablement, the Commercial Operations Manager emphasizes Sales Execution. Both teams are crucial for a successful Go-To-Market strategy. This role involves working with sales teams, sales leadership, partner enablement, marketing, finance, and other key stakeholders to boost sales results, enhance sales effectiveness, and improve sales productivity.


  • Sales Strategy Development: Collaborate with the (Sales) Leadership team to develop and implement sales strategies aligned with business objectives, market trends, and customer needs.
  • Sales Forecasting and Planning: Lead the sales forecasting and planning process, working closely with Finance, Operations and Sales Leadership to develop accurate sales forecasts, budgets, and resource allocation strategies.
  • Sales Performance Management: Measure sales performance against defined KPIs and track progress against goals to identify areas for improvement. Provide regular performance insights and recommendations to sales leadership.
  • Pipeline and Demand Generation: Provide regular feedback to (Sales) Leadership on Pipeline Health and Sufficiency. Ensure that a rigorous cadence of pipeline management is implemented at all levels within IFS Ultimo and its acquisition units.
  • Sales Data Analysis: Utilize data analytics and reporting to gain insights into sales performance, market trends, customer behaviour, and competitive landscape. Leverage findings to inform strategic decision-making with Sales Leadership.
  • Commissioning: Supporting GTM strategy and Commission Policies with Sales Leadership and other stakeholders
  • Acquisition Integration: Facilitate group-level sales reporting and cadences across Ultimo and its acquisition units throughout the integration period.

Job requirements

  • At least 5 to 7 years of experience in sales, success teams, the management of programs or their equivalent in a software/SaaS company
  • Strong technical and analytical skills
  • Demonstrated experience in Commercial/Revenue Operations or a related field, including Sales Operations, Consulting, or Business Operations/Analytics
  • Track record of using data to identify growth opportunities, improve commercial efficiency, and reduce customer attrition in a subscription business
  • Able to communicate with every level in the organization
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English
  • Self-motivating and capable of multitasking
  • EAM market expertise is a plus
  • London, England, United Kingdom


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  • London, England, United Kingdom